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Detailed Horoscope by Birth Date, Time & Place of birth Covers all the topics and provides you with some basic predictions according to your Janma Kundali (Birth Chart). The Horoscope is Provided in (dot)PDF format which can be read by using Adobe Acrobat Reader Software or any other Portable Document Format reading software. Your may take printouts from the sent file, which is necessary before consulting any Astrologer (Pandit).
The Birth Chart Horoscope is generated based on Planetary positions on which 1. Date of Birth, 2. Time of Birth & 3. Place of Birth was happend.

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Astrology is a Science which will give you enough Courage, Awareness in Life and hope on the Future. The study was started in the ancient days with the interest in observing the pattern of stars in the sky, today it spread all around the world by ramifications and providing suggestions to mankind in different aspects of life.

Horoscope in Pdf

Study of Astrology


The study of Astrology based on the belief that there is an interconnection between movements, relative positions of the Planets (graha) in our Solar system and the events that describe the Personality of an individual who born at a particular Astronomical Position. The modern science won't accept the study of Horoscope as there is no evidence to support it. However, in the recent survey it is stated that more than 30% of the Population around the globe believes in Astrology. The fact behind this is just belief in God and the belief in Astrology has much similarity, both are unseen and untouched but strongly supported. Hence this Human Life Study can’t just keep aside.

Vedic Astrology


The oldest Hindu Astrology is called as Vedic Astrology. The Ancient Indian Astrology based on the planets (graha) movement is Vedic Astrology. The Birth Chart or Astro Chart Horoscope which is prepared by using Date of Birth, Birth Time and Location of Birth is the accurate Kundli generated using the oldest Indian Astrology system also called as Jyotishya or Jyotisha Shastra.

The study of Geographical, Planetary, Comets, Meteors, and Eclipses explains Good and Bad Time. The “Hora” will provide information about the Good and Bad that may occur in Individuals Life based on the Birth Time, Place of birth and the geographical location where he takes birth. This Science is called to be Astrology or Jyotisya or Horoscope or Astronomy etc;

Birth Chart (or) Astro Chart



The Chart which is generated based on the position of the Planets and the Geographical position of the Birth Person and Time of Birth is called as Birth Chart or Astro Chart. This Chart is also called as Jathaka Chakra, Janma Kundli or Horoscope. People belongs to different regions of world called this Chart with different names. The generation of Birth chart is made by the calculations based on Geographical positions of planets and time of birth.

Astrology Prediction


Every Human being has an intension to know about how his future could be and the good and bad that may occur in his life. He would like to find out remedies to stop the bad things that may likely to occur or to reduce the cost of damage that may likely to cause by fate. Different Astrology methods discovered based on much study and analysis to make human life happy and peaceful. Up on the calculations made on the planetary positions and the understanding made by the behavior of the planets belongs to their Rasi and Naksatra (stars) the future of a person is predicted by the Astrologers. Because of this reason incorrect Birth Time & Time zone, incorrect birth location and incorrect date of birth may lead to inappropriate Birth Chart generation. Therefore, it is recommended to double check your details while trying to get your Astro Charts.

Mostly people approach Astrologer to solve the following known issues that Humans face regularly.

  •   When will I get married?
  •   Why there is a delay in getting married?
  •   Do I have any dosha (affliction) which is delaying or denying marriage?
  •   Will I get an understanding partner
  •   What are my chances for a second marriage?

Full Horoscope

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Marriage Matching by Date of Birth

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